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EIS and the Power of Sustainability
Sustainability is defined as the power to endure. It’s the nature’s way of conserving and preserving ecosystems on earth. Sustainability is not aimed at preserving any single resource in the ecosystem; however, its objective is to protect our ecosystem as a whole which includes several natural resources. Trees play a key role in our ecosystem and its destruction will lead to the extinction of life on earth; a phenomenon often spoken lately.

The economics behind massive urbanization and commercialization have pushed us to the limits of nature. Billions of dollars in profits are generated by organizations in depleting eco-resources and its leftovers form toxic residues in the environment that we live in.

Let’s examine the total environmental impact of producing and shipping paper bills, statements, and payments each year :
Thousands of pounds of paper consumed by organizations for printing statements
Millions of trees cut
Thousands of pounds of Greenhouse Gases produced
Thousands of gallons of fossil fuel consumed
Thousands of acres of massive deforestation
Thousands of gallons of toxic waste water entering streams and lakes
Thousands of pounds of solid waste created

Electronic Interactive Solution (EIS), a private cloud solution that supports organizations in accomplishing sustainability goals. We call it the Eco-Friendly Technology. The primary objective of EIS is conserving nature through paper suppression. EIS offers end-users with an improved customer experience while saving organizations hundreds of thousands of dollars through minimizing total cost of ownership (TCO).
Push preferred over Pull Communication
Push email delivery of secure e-communication have gained much grounds over pull organization portals in the recent years. Only a small fraction of the users gets attracted to pull portals; moreover, customers continue to keep their paper statements active. However, some survey observed delighted customers over push secure email delivery model.

Push delivery system hasn’t created much cost effectiveness among organizations. Only a fraction of the target population is benefitted from this effort. More and more organizations are now flocking towards a pull delivery model. Pull email delivery combined with Form interactivity features have remarkably reduced the dependency on paper trails for these organizations.

For customers, it’s the convenience they experience and for the organizations, it’s the tremendous cost savings they enjoy. It’s a win-win situation for both the organization and its customers.
Accelerating Towards Green Technology
Preserving nature’s eco-systems are critical for the sustenance of several life forms that are dependent on it. Numerous eco-systems are being depleted by humans due to massive urbanization, deforestation and extreme commercialization and the fact, this is happening at an alarming pace. In our eco-system, trees have a very vital role of providing clean air. In order for humanity to sustain we need to protect and conserve our nature and planet.

The time has come for governments, business organizations and citizens to stand up and protect our environment before it’s too late. We can only build on what’s left for us now. Have you thought about how we can participate in this great campaign for saving tress?

Millennium is a proud supporter of Green IT. We are channeling our resources, tools and processes to support our client’s green initiatives. We designed a green initiative called Electronic Interactive Solution (EIS), a cloud solution that helps organizations encourage paper suppression and in course of time eliminate paper completely.

Once the transformation begins the organization will soon be on its path to becoming a GREEN organization that can help sustain humanity, businesses and communities of the future.

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