Electronic Interactive Solution (EIS) delivers all traditional communications to end users through affordable, interactive digital channels leveraging the full potential of the internet cloud technology. EIS fits into any enterprise architecture structure and fully comply with the clients systems. EIS fully understands the clients systems and extends itself into the client’s technology with minimum impact; an opportunity too hard to ignore.

e-Interactive Bills & Invoices
EIS replaces traditional paper bills and invoices to customer friendly interactive electronic documents sent as secure attachments.

e-Interactive Statements

EIS replaces traditional paper statements with customer friendly and easily interactive electronic documents that are sent to client’s customer’s inboxes as a secure attachment .

e-Interactive Marketing & Marketing Campaigns
EIS enables paperless marketing campaigns and email communication .

e- Alerts
EIS provide electronic alerts to end-users through short messaging services .

EIS provides digital and electronic signature solutions.

EIS Features
Interactive PDFs to directly capture end-user information.
Dedicated server solution to reduce heavy infrastructure set up costs.
Easy to use self-service portal to manage EIS engine activities.
Easy steps to register Businesses and Products.
Data encryption to safeguard sensitive client information.
Dashboard & Reports to monitor data transfer.
Logs to monitor conversion performance and scalability.
Built on SOA and Cloud Technology.
PCI/HIPPA compliance managed through dedicated servers.
Firewalls to protect against external threats and vulnerabilities.
24x7 client support with zero downtime.

   EIS Process Flow

Interactive Vs Non-Interactive Forms

Interactive Non-Interactive
  • Form created to directly capture end user data.

  • End User inputs data and selects the option online to submit the Form in the prescribed process

  • Typical example will be an affidavit where the forms allow the user to submit it after filling in the necessary data.
  • Forms pre-populated with end user information.

  • Data pre-populated from DB; web services; or enterprise content management system.

  • The Form cannot be modified or add additional data.

  • Typical example a credit card statement.

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